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On May 22nd 2024

The Challenges of Insufficient Project Management Tools in Supply Chain

Streamline your supply chain with a tailored project management solution.

On February 8th 2024

Curbing Greenwashing in Europe

Discover more about this important change and how technology can aid you in this green transition

On February 8th 2024

Topo transforms Project Management in Hoyer Handel's Supply Chain

Topo’s project management solution will boost transparency and communication while eliminating pain points for the German importer

On December 14th 2023

The ripple effect of the new EU deforestation regulation

Explore Topo's 5 pillars to facilitate enforcement of EUDR in your supply chain.

On October 10th 2023

Topo leads digital transformation of Contract Management

WKFE has taken a significant step towards digital transformation by digitizing their contract management with Topo Solutions.

On September 15th 2023

REWE Far East leverages Topo's Sourcing Module

Topo’s Sourcing Module digitized and streamlined REWE Far East's global sourcing. Download the case study here

On September 19th 2023

Invest in technology during economic downturns for business resilience

Dive deep into the realms of business resilience and unlock the true potential of anticyclical technology investment

On June 30th 2023

Topo is now an official Microsoft partner

Partnering with Microsoft is a major step forward for Topo and will open up incredible opportunities. Read more

On June 16th 2023

Topo joins American Apparel and Footwear Association

Joining the AAFA will give Topo access to exclusive insights on regulations and policy that impact the sector

On May 10th 2023

How to adapt to the changing nature of supply chain compliance

Supply chain compliance can be tricky to adhere to. Learn ways to future-proof your compliance procedures

On March 28th 2023

PFAS: The Forever Chemicals and Technology’s Role in Automating Chemical Compliance

Learn what 'forever chemicals' are & how technology will change the game

On March 14th 2023

Sourcing optimization: the next step in digital procurement

The concept of digitizing procurement is not new: 77% of the organizations PwC surveyed are already using it.

On March 8th 2023

Topo Celebrates International Women's Day 2023

This women's day, sharing experiences from some of the amazing woman in tech at Topo

On February 21st 2023

Multichannel retailer KLiNGEL Group selects Topo for digital supply chain transformation

Explore how Topo is helping KLiNGEL Group for digital supply chain transformation

On February 20th 2023

Podcast – The Power of Compliance and Sustainability in Supply Chain Management

Listen to our Podcast with The Digital Supply Chain's Tom Raftery discussing the power of Compliance and Sustainability in the Supply Chain

On January 31st 2023

Topo more than doubles in size to meet the growing demand

In 2021, Topo moved into a new office space, and did it again by adding more space at the end of 2022.

On January 11th 2023

The Power of Supply Chain Data in an Economic Downturn

Explore how can companies harness the power of supply chain data to save cost and gain efficiency.

On September 14th 2022

BREAKING: Topo opens new USA office as part of ongoing growth

All you need to know about Topo's growth and expansion journey...

On August 30th 2022

How are changing regulations impacting your supply chain?

All you need to know about the impact of changing regulations on your supply chain...

On March 31st 2022

TOPO has officially integrated with BSCI amfori

The Topo Digital Supply Chain Platform has reached another Sustainability Milestone...

On July 21st 2021

BREAKING: Topo Solutions Powers New Low Code Digital Supply Chain Platform For Rewe Far East

Supply chain software leader Topo Solutions is developing a new digital Supply Chain Management Platform..