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Podcast - The Power of Compliance and Sustainability in Supply Chain Management

Listen to our Podcast with The Digital Supply Chain’s Tom Raftery discussing the power of Compliance and Sustainability in the Supply Chain Management.

In one of the recent episodes of the Digital Supply Chain Podcast, our COO Tobias Grabler and the host Tom Raftery discussed the growth and importance of compliance and sustainability in supply chain management. During their conversation, Tobias shared his insights on why it’s crucial for businesses to take a holistic approach to sustainability and the dangers of “greenwashing.” He also touched on the complexities of traceability and the role it plays in reducing carbon emissions.

Tobias highlighted the significance of sustainability in today’s world and how Topo is well equipped to tackle this broad topic with its comprehensive approach. He emphasized that to achieve true sustainability, businesses need to look beyond just the environmental aspect and consider the social component as well.

Throughout the podcast, Tobias provided valuable insights on the current state of supply chain management and the future of sustainability. He stressed the importance of being proactive and taking action to drive positive change in the industry.

This podcast was very informative, engaging and we highly recommend it to anyone interested in supply chain management, sustainability, and the future of business.