No matter which industry, start working with Topo and gain advantages that your competitor doesn’t have.
Improve product quality. Reduce claims. Increase profitability.


Apparel, Footwear & Accessories

The fashion industry moves faster than ever with constantly changing trends worldwide. This comes with immense pressure and time-limited productions for factories. To be competitive, while delivering high quality products, data collection has to be fast, reliable and efficient. Tailored for Quality Assurance and Quality Control Management, Topo gives you the necessary rapidity your textile, apparel & accessories inspection needs. Generate more revenue and get your products to the global market faster than anyone else.



The fight is fierce for retail organizations to win over consumers. They want high quality products or services on the spot and at low price points, resulting in extreme competitiveness amongst retailers. The range of your goods is crucial for your success, but the struggle is to stay on top of your merchandise and manage them efficiently. Don’t rely on paper and excel sheets anymore, instead design functional forms to collect important sales data with Topo. Transform the way you capture and manage your data now.


Toys & Children's Products

Utmost quality is expected from enterprises who manufacture toys and children products. Strict regulations and restrictions are in force to promise the safety of all merchandise that get into the hands of children. Any missing data during the inspection can lead to fatal consequences. Use Topo to set validation rules to confirm what data needs to be available in order to process the report. You can also spot failed reports immediately in Topo and react faster to find a solution.


Sport Goods

Safety and functionality are the unique selling points for sport gears and sport equipment. Consumers want to be assure they are tested under all circumstances in any environment to guarantee their safety. Inspections, therefore, are highly relevant for these products. Data is valuable and Topo advances your data collection management to fasten the inspection procedure without missing any data.


Food & Other Consumer Goods

Massive transformations and deep shifts of consumer expectations characterize the trading and retail industry in recent years. The optimization of product management is essential for the success of your organization. Increase overall productivity and maximize resources to boost your revenue with Topo Solutions. We eliminate inefficiencies and accelerate the data collection management procedure for any enterprise. Accumulate inspection data quickly and get out of chaotic paper forms and excel sheets.


Industrial Products & Manufacturing

In the hectic world of manufacturing, production has to run smoothly to ensure on-time delivery. Factory Audits, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Self-Inspection play a significant role within industrial production. Inspectors spend an enormous amount of time inspecting and testing factories, raw materials, goods and subsequently collecting correct data on paper/Excel/Word and converting the data into the right format before sending out the final results. Work more efficiently and productive with Topo Solutions. Use smart data forms and speed up the entire data entry and hence your supply chain process. Waste no more time on paper work and focus on the actual inspection and product quality. We live in times where low prices are a prerequisite, with Topo's platform you can offer your customers additional values.


Supply Chain Control

A modern supply chain requires fast flow of information, quick decision-making and integration between different systems. Comprehensive and throughout inspections will be conducted before the shipping takes place. To achieve that, Topo connects the people inputting the data with people and systems monitoring the data. It allows you to create highly flexible data entry forms which can be deployed and iterated enormously fast to adapt to changing requirements. Share information between divisions right away, control your work flow and accomplish uninterrupted supply chains.


Small Business

Compared to businesses with structured and dynamic systems, smaller businesses encounter millions of hurdles on a day-to-day basis. Overcoming these can be extremely difficult and complex without the right solution to ease time-consuming processes. You should concentrate on growing your business and not on tedious data collections with pen and paper. Prepare your business for expansion and reap the benefits of having a profitable solution from the start. Let us do the problem-solving for you with smart data forms.