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Topo covers your entire supply chain, from initial supplier contact & selection to warehouse or instore delivery

Buying & Production Management

Use Topo to digitally transform your buying and merchandising process. Topo helps you to easily capture product information at trade shows and showrooms without accumulating piles of paper. You may also conduct supplier and factory assessments before committing to ensure you found the best supplier. Lastly, you can monitor the production progress of your products daily to prevent delays and other issues.

Our solutions
Product Info Capturing at Trade Shows, Showrooms, etc.
Initial Supplier/Factory Assessments
Production Monitoring (WIP Reports)

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Redefine your quality assurance and control processes with Topo’s digital and mobile solutions. As a market leader in the industry, Topo provides you the flexibility and efficiency to conduct your quality inspection activities for all stages of the production process. Our platform saves your time on creating tedious reports on paper or in Excel/Word and you may allocate more time on the product itself instead. Topo also helps to manage all your data and reports on the same platform. With all data centralised, you can note and react to any issues in the supply chain faster than before, resulting in saved costs.

Our solutions
Technical Factory Audits
Pre-Production Meetings
Inline Inspections
Final Inspections
Supplier Self-Inspections
Sub Supplier Management
Corrective Action Planning
Container Loading
Warehouse Inspections
Store Inspections
Incident Management
Customer Claim Management

Compliance & Sustainability Management

Conduct your social, environmental and other compliance audits with Topo! Rank suppliers through scoring and keep track of corrective actions of your factories and required re-audits. Furthermore, Topo can fetch actual data of laboratory tests to optimise your testing plans. Save substantial costs by making yourself more independent from third-party labs. Our platform facilitates transparency and traceability of your supply chain.

Our solutions
Social and Labor Audits
Building & Fire Safety Audits
Environmental Audits
Product Safety Audits
Laboratory testing
Sub Supplier Management
Corrective Action Planning
Incident Management