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Topo’s project management solution will boost transparency and communication while eliminating pain points for the German importer

Topo has rolled out a new centralized project management system for HOYER Handel GmbH, a German importer.

The cutting-edge project management tool, part of Topo’s Production Module, has replaced the importer’s outdated and inefficient Excel system, which left teams struggling with “unacceptable” loading times and unmanageable file organization.

Currently, HOYER is utilizing Topo’s platform to streamline their process from order confirmation all the way to shipment and delivery of the goods.

Topo’s solution has given HOYER Handel a centralized platform that enables all stakeholders to access real-time project updates, effectively eliminating the need for scattered, off-platform communications such as emails and messages.

The interface between the ERP-system and Topo allows HOYER Handel to share information with external partners, such as due dates and the department in charge, ensuring full transparency and real-time status of the project.

It also automates processes, including the estimation of specific date ranges for certain tasks’ due dates for various departments such as SCM, Project Management, and the automatic date range calculation for the logistics team.

“Topo’s project management solution has been a game-changer for our operations at HOYER Handel GmbH – it has significantly reduced the time spent on communication between our teams and partners, and really improved our transparency,” said Lisa Marie Lässig, Head of IT and Process, HOYER Handel.

“One of our requirements was the ability to make quick changes to the system ourselves, so the flexibility and simplicity of Topo’s low-code platform were the key reasons in our decision to adopt their technology.”

The smooth implementation process involved HOYER Handel’s key users as main stakeholders, rather than the IT team, with change management effectively handled by the HOYER team.

The inclusion of those who will use the platform daily in the functional design process allowed Topo to craft a tailored solution that suits the team’s day-to-day needs.

HOYER Handel GmbH is now setting out to build as many processes as possible by themselves on the Topo Platform.

“At Topo, we’re all about crafting real-time, transparent, and value-add solutions that meet the distinct needs of every business,” said Tobias Grabler, Chief Operating Officer, Topo Solutions.

“Witnessing HOYER Handel GmbH enhance their efficiency and decision-making process is a real validation of our mission.”

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