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Topo Solutions Releases Interactive Digital Showroom

The Digital Showroom is the next stage in Topo’s V5 series, designed to help retailers and brands simplify their sourcing process and boost supply chain efficiency.

Topo Solutions has announced the launch of its Digital Showroom – a transformative new feature designed to revolutionize product discovery, collaboration, and sourcing.

The Digital Showroom streamlines the sourcing process by providing brands and retailers a convenient and visually engaging platform to upload and share products ideas with suppliers and receive feedback, as well as manage entire product collections in one location, and quickly and efficiently navigate through a sample portfolio collection.

“Topo’s new Digital Showroom takes the product discovery and sourcing experience to the next level,” said Tobias Grabler, Chief Operating Officer, Topo Solutions.

“This visually engaging platform empowers brands, retailers and suppliers to seamlessly collaborate, manage their product collections, easily access materials, and navigate digital samples – all in one centralized hub.

“It’s a transformative addition to the Topo Platform, designed to drive efficiency and informed decision-making for our customers.”

It is designed to be a convenient and visually appealing way to preview product ideas while simplifying sourcing information, granting users access to a comprehensive material library for any article or entire collection.

Suppliers can proactively showcase their products, while buyers of brands and retailers can shortlist them, request more information, or even order physical samples.

The “tile view” function acts as a digital version of a physical sample room, where users quickly navigate through a sample portfolio, including images, tags, and icons associated with each product.

“By digitalizing key sourcing capabilities, we’re empowering our community to work smarter and more collaboratively,” said Benjamin Eberle, Chief Executive Officer, Topo Solutions.

“This innovative feature streamlines the way brands, retailers and suppliers discover, share and refine product ideas – enabling them to make more informed decisions and bring their concepts to life faster than ever before.

 “As we continuously enhance the Topo Platform, the Digital Showroom exemplifies our commitment to driving digital transformation in the industry.”

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