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Multichannel retailer KLiNGEL Group selects Topo for digital supply chain transformation

Topo’s low-code solution gives end-to-end supply chain visibility across sample management, order management, compliance, quality management and sustainability for the fashion and lifestyle multichannel retailer, KLiNGEL Group.

Supply chain Software as a Service (SaaS) pioneer Topo Solutions is powering a new digital platform for multichannel retailer KLiNGEL Group, which is boosting efficiency and speed to market, as well as helping to improve product quality and product compliance.

Topo has rolled out its easy-to-use solution with drag-and-drop features, replacing the need for extensive coding that is time consuming and expensive to implement.

It gives KLiNGEL Group users, such as partners, third party service providers and suppliers, a single source of truth, and streamlines the Purchase Order process from order placement to shipment.

“We are pleased to welcome KLiNGEL Group into our growing portfolio of world-class retailers and brands. Topo is a pioneer in the development of low-code solutions to help drive efficient, agile, and sustainable supply chains,” said Tobias Grabler, Chief Operating Officer.

“With current disruptions and new regulations such as the German Supply Chain Act coming into play, adapting and keeping up with compliance enforcement, and supply chain visibility are vital to ensuring companies are future-proofing their supply chains.”

“Over 1600 KLiNGEL Group users, sourcing agents, and suppliers are now step-by-step witnessing digital transformation and reaping the benefits of visibility and speed to market using Topo’s Sampling, Quality, Ordering, and Sustainability modules, which include Compliance, and Chemical & Lab Testing modules.”

“We are excited to partner with Topo on digitizing and transforming our supply chain operations,” said Christian Hellmund, Senior Vice President Sourcing & Procurement at KLiNGEL Group.

“Our users will benefit from Topo’s digitization process that will, after full implementation, save them time and effort compared to previous time-consuming excel sheets, tedious back and forth email communication and manual processes.”

“I am confident our partnership with Topo will drive business agility and efficiency for our organization.”

Topo’s modules such as Sampling, Quality, and Ordering, provides KLiNGEL Group’s users and suppliers a better visibility along the supply chain, boosts speed to market, enhances transparency on inspection results and at the end reduces customer returns and associated costs.

Christian Hellmund from KLiNGEL Group, also added, “The new and sophisticated inspection reports on the Topo platform are not only visually appealing but very flexible and easy-to-use.”

“They have eliminated tedious task such as formatting and reporting, making insights easily available to enable KLiNGEL Group to make data-driven decisions concerning the further improvement of our product quality.”

Topo’s Sustainability solution includes Compliance, and Chemical & Lab Testing modules. It allows KLiNGEL Group users to comply with required standards and regulations, helps to connect amfori BSCI and EUTR compliance data, alongside the resolution of Corrective Action Plans (CAPs).

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