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REWE Far East leverages Topo Solutions to digitize and streamline global sourcing

With the implementation of Topo’s Sourcing Module, REWE Far East has achieved a notable fifty percent time reduction in sourcing-related supplier communications

Topo and REWE Far East (RFE) have joined forces to digitize RFE’s sourcing efforts and enable platform collaboration among buyers, suppliers, and RFE.

RFE is reporting a significant 50 percent reduction in time spent on supplier email communications since the introduction of Topo’s Sourcing Module.

The organization has also enjoyed a 25 percent time saving on multiple product offer consolidations, thanks to Topo’s low-code solution.

RFE partnered with Topo to digitize and automate their sourcing processes to adapt to changes in the supply chain, particularly those brought on during and post pandemic.

“Topo Solutions’ Sourcing platform helps REWE Far East users to work more efficiently and have greater transparency over our sourcing activities – we can now focus on the most important tasks,” said Patric Gehlhaus, General Manager, Operations Hong Kong, REWE Far East.

“Topo’s team also makes sure our digital sourcing software stays up to date, and future-proof with their agile approach.”

Prior to the introduction of Topo, the team had to email individual suppliers to obtain the data they needed, leaving them trawling through Excel spreadsheets – burdened by complex, time-consuming processes.

“We have helped REWE Far East create more collaborative and connected sourcing and supply chain operations, through greater visibility, automation, and standardization for its sourcing activities of all products in Asia,” said Tobias Grabler, Chief Operating Officer, Topo.

“RFE came to us looking to transform its sourcing efforts, streamline online communication with suppliers, reduce manual efforts, and introduce flexibility, scalability, and customization to their day-to-day processes – we delivered.”

The successful implementation of the new system two years ago has led to various improvements in RFE’s operations.

Among operational improvements is an accelerated and easier inquiry process thanks to the ability to bulk send requests and generate a product overview from scratch instead of consolidating multiple Excel sheets from data emailed by various sources.

Topo Solutions has also improved RFE’s visibility, with the team now benefitting from a centralized tool to evaluate and recommend the right suppliers based on key factors such as performance, price, quality, lead times, and deadline track records.

REWE Group, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, operates in 21 European countries through supermarkets, discount stores, DIY stores and travel agencies.

To read more about Topo and RFE’s digitization of global sourcing, download the case study here.

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