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Accelerating sustainability with data

Sustainability is the new competitive battleground, and efficient, transparent supply chains are the backbone to achieving our green goals.


Technology has a pivotal role to play in that sustainable success, from facilitating more sustainable procurement decisions, to helping to predict risk at a product development stage.

The Potential of Technology

Technology has the power to unlock the insights we need to build more sustainable supply chains.

Data plays a major role in this because with data comes supply chain transparency, which in turn provides transparency about the products that consumers are buying – the first steppingstone to driving sustainability.

But data on its own is not enough. It needs to be analyzed, understood, actioned on, and learned from.


Generating insights using data

Smart data can provide insights about a product or supplier, adding an additional dimension to existing commercial data on price or quantities to empower procurement managers to make more sustainable procurement decisions.

Going one step further, collected data, for example, about materials and components, in combination with advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help predict risk at product design or product development stage.


Accelerating Sustainability

Sustainability is a very wide field, especially in the supply chain, and it is important to take a holistic approach to avoid quickly going down the greenwashing road.

Supply chains are by their nature complex and involve different stakeholders and elements, from factory workers to chemicals, packaging, and CO2 emissions, and a joint effort is definitely needed to achieve sustainability along the entire chain.

This means that old ways of working such as sending emails and Excel are too siloed to achieve the necessary transparency.

Technology provides the efficient collaboration tools needed for the different parties in the chain to achieve the overall sustainability goals.

With so much pledging, goal setting, and strategizing these days about sustainability and climate change, we need to get into the execution of things.

Technology is a great facilitator, what needs to happen now is a mindset change with companies accelerating the adoption of that available technology.


TOPO’s platform empowers companies to monitor, inspect and analyze products from beginning to end of the supply chain, giving companies the tools they need to achieve their sustainable goals.

Our low-code supply chain platform for cloud-based remote collaboration, process automation, and advanced analytics covers a product’s journey from sourcing, product development, ordering, and production, to quality, chemical, and sustainability management.

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