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13 Languages, supporting thousands of Customers

This year, we invested heavily in our customer success team. Our belief is hiring not just more people, but more importantly the right people who can support our clients in different domains. Our customer success team is growing at an accelerating pace with people joining from different backgrounds, and one benefit of this is a huge variety of additional languages in which we can support our clients.

Pick a random object near you right now. Could be an iPhone, furniture, or the device you’re using to read this blog post. The product you’ve just picked is the result of a complex collaboration involving different components from different parts of the world in a single supply chain. We’re seeing the supply chain becoming even more interconnected than ever and Topo aims to connect all your supply chain stakeholders in a single software. With that in mind, we see a need to ensure that we continue to provide high-quality services to all users of our platform. Topo is proud to see the Customer Success team grow massively over the past few months, becoming a team that could truly connect with everyone across our platform. Topo can now support clients in 13 different languages:

  1. Mandarin
  2. Cantonese
  3. Hindi
  4. Sindhi
  5. Vietnamese
  6. Indonesian
  7. Malay
  8. English
  9. German
  10. Spanish
  11. Catalan
  12. French
  13. Italian

As Topo continues to reach users globally, our team will grow along with it. We’re excited to bring world-class services to all our clients!


Topo is a powerful network that connects all stakeholders of your supply chain. We cover the entire journey of your products, from sourcing, product development, ordering, production to quality, chemical, and sustainability management. Our supply chain platform digitally transforms your business— regardless of your industry. Topo allows you to collaborate remotely, automate processes and analyze data within your supply chain in real-time to increase transparency and productivity while decreasing operational cost.

Topo is a whole new breed of software tackling problems that existing ERP, PLM, or Supply Chain Management systems simply cannot solve. Our integrated Low-Code App Builder allows you to build fully customized interfaces, automated workflows, and dashboards for your current and future use cases.

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