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Topo joins American Apparel and Footwear Association

Topo joins the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) that represents over 1,000 brands to draw on leading industry practices and guidelines to foster advocacy for purpose-driven operations

As the newest member to join AAFA, Topo hopes to advance the association’s Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance (ESG) goals, and supply chain initiatives by leveraging the support and expert knowledge of AAFA’s community of industry veterans.

Topo is a digital cloud-based, SaaS provider that covers a product’s end-to-end journey from sourcing, product development, ordering, and production, to quality, compliance, and sustainability management.

AAFA drives progress on three key priorities: Brand Protection; Supply Chain & Sourcing; Trade, Logistics, & Manufacturing. AAFA approaches this work through the lens of purpose-driven leadership in a manner that supports each member’s ability to build and sustain inclusive and diverse cultures, meet and advance ESG goals, and draw upon the latest technology.

As an AAFA member, Topo will gain access to information and exclusive insights on regulations and policy, networking and collaboration opportunities, best-in-class research and statistics important to the retail community.

“Joining AAFA has been an important objective for us as a company as it represents the industry benchmark for driving ethical commitments and choices, a mission that ties in with the core of what we strive for at Topo,” said Benjamin Eberle, Chief Executive Officer, Topo.

AAFA is the trusted public policy and political voice of the apparel and footwear industry, its management, and shareholders, its three million US workers, and its contribution of over USD 470 billion in annual US retail sales.

“AAFA is continually on the look-out for innovative companies that are leaders in technology for global supply chain and sourcing, such as Topo, that we can support but also equally learn from,” said Steve Lamar, President and CEO, AAFA.

“We look forward to welcoming them as members and working towards our shared vision together.”

Topo, headquartered in Hong Kong, expanded their operations last September by opening its first US base in Los Angeles, headed by its founder and CEO Benjamin Eberle, with Stefanie Valerio as its Customer Success Lead, to better serve its global customer base.

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