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Topo team more than doubles in size to meet the growing demand for digitization in the supply chain

The supply chain software specialist has focused on continuous and fast growth last year. In 2021, Topo moved into a new office space, and they did it again by adding more space at the end of 2022.

 Software as a Service (SaaS) platform Topo Solutions has embarked on a significant recruitment drive following post-Covid demand for companies to digitize their supply chain management.

The recent changes in regulations mandating increased accountability for sustainability metrics in global retail standards and the economic downturn have pushed companies to become more efficient and focus on cost-saving.

Topo covers a product’s end-to-end journey from sourcing, product development, ordering, and production, to quality, compliance, and sustainability management.

The digital cloud-based provider has expanded its current office space after a year of occupancy at Hong Kong’s Central Business District Two, as it wraps up its tenth year of operation.

In line with its corporate strategy and vision, Topo has invested in a recruitment program that champions gender diversity in the workplace and women in tech, with 42% of new recruits being female.

“At Topo, we strongly support and invest in women in tech and have been taking actionable steps to see our vision for a more gender-balanced, and diverse workforce come to life,” said Tobias Grabler, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Topo.

“We have enjoyed a strong 2022 with significant growth, more than doubling the size of our team, which has enabled us to push ahead with our purpose of making supply chain management more user friendly, efficient, collaborative, data-driven and sustainable.”

“We were happy to partner with Greater Group, who were a crucial partner for our office expansion. It was a smooth experience working with their team, who provided great design input and guidance during the planning stage all the way to the final execution.”


Last September, the Hong Kong-headquartered cloud-based platform expanded to better serve increased global demand by opening its first US base in Los Angeles, headed by Topo Founder Benjamin Eberle, with Stefanie Valerio appointed as new Customer Success Lead for the region.

The low-code digital platform partnered with global trade association amfori BSCI last year to provide added transparency in the supply chain, making ethical and social choices readily available for stakeholders.

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