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SGS, Bureau Veritas, TÜV SÜD, TÜV Rheinland, Asia Inspection, Eurofins and Hansecontrol

What is Topo? What are the advantages?

Topo is a mobile data solution for your enterprise that delivers an excellent answer on how to redefine your Quality Assurance & Quality Control as well as Social Audit workflows. Suitable for all organisations - in all sizes - such as Brands, Retailers, Sourcing Companies, Inspection & Testing Companies and Manufacturers with Self-Inspections.


Recognized as a market leader in the industry, Topo is proven to enable massive scalability and to master the high complexity of the inspection industry and beyond. We combine the most important factors in Quality Assurance & Quality Control as well as Social Auditing - real-time information sharing and effective documentation - in one solution.

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Efficient inspections & audits

With Topo QC Inspections and Social Audits in the factories can be done much more efficiently than on paper or in Word/Excel forms. The focus shifts back on the product instead of wasting time for tedious reports. This results in better product quality. At the same time, Topo empowers your staff and improves their daily work life. No more long nights in hotels due to report writing.

Better communication & faster decisions

Real-time sharing and access to reports by all your relevant stakeholders which speeds up the decision making process and shortens the lead-time in your supply chain.


With the data you collect with Topo you gain insights that you never had before. Identify your most common issues in the production line and eliminate them. Topo helps you to reduce your defective goods and lowers your claim rates from your customers. Save costs with Topo. 

Added value
for your customers

Price pressure on your goods is higher than ever. Offer your buyers an additional value with Topo and showcase that you are a forward-thinking organisation that takes part in the mobile and digital revolution.

Synergies with your
existing IT system

Easy to integrate into your existing IT landscape. Harness the power of seamless data exchange and let your systems do the work. Reduce manual data entry by your work force.


How is Topo different from other systems?

We at Topo do not believe in the "one fits all" approach. Having served numerous customers from small to large, we do understand that every company has their individual systems, methods and workflows. To sum up, Topo adapts to your needs and requirements and not the other way around.


Topo was developed with constant feedback from inspectors, not only managers.

Relevant to field staff

No matter what industry you are in or which product groups you manage, Topo is the right solution for you. With Topo you can have completely flexible inspection forms for your entire product range and cover all its specifics.

Suitable for all industries & products

Topo can digitalize any of your workflows and business rules. Topo makes complexity simple.

Adaptable to workflows & business rules

Topo's framework allows a fast implementation and changes, despite our customized approach to your inspection forms and reports. No expensive and time consuming development required.

Rapid deployment


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