World’s leading organizations and Topo’s worldwide reputable network trust us with their valuable data because they know we are the best in what we do. Our performance-boosting features will make data capturing and data management seamlessly for everyone within your business.

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24/7 – Anywhere around the clock

There are no limitations on when and where you can work with Topo. Work online or offline and upload your data whenever there is internet connectivity on all platforms. Tested and used even in rural areas in China. 

Design your forms

Customize and create report templates fast and easy with our drag & drop function across all platforms. No programming needed and you can start right away. 

Capture data with our standard fields text data fields: number fields, date & time fields and many more which you can add and remove at any time.

  • List – Add customized lists with drop-down selections to make it easier to select from a wide range of data and to save you time instead of typing in the same data over and over again.
  • Tables – Design simple or complex tables by adding various input fields into the table to customize it to your needs. Add numbers, dates, times, list or checkboxes to make data entry as effortless as possible.
  • Checkbox/Radio box – The checkbox and radio box allows you to create a quick overview of important information which you can simply just tick off. They can be added into tables, plain boxes and more. 
  • GPS tracking – Where did the inspection take place? Find out where your inspector is working with our integrated GPS location tracking.
  • Barcode Scanner and Label – With Topo you can add labels and scan barcodes right into your inspection report instantly. Easy and fast without worrying to type in the wrong numbers.
  • Capture Photos – Inspection Photos are an important part of the process. Embed photos into your forms/reports trouble-free by capturing and uploading photos instantly on your mobile phone or tablet. On top of that you can sketch on your images as well.
  • Signature – Collect all data and finalize the inspection report with your signature by simply signing it on your mobile devices on the spot. No more printing needed.
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  • Dynamic Layouts – Thanks to Topo’s dynamic layouts, you can add fields or rows on the go and create multi-dimensional tables including photos with ease. In addition, functional buttons for inserts, linked contents and arrangements let you organize and display your data the way you want.
  • Automatic Calculations – Topo’s form can embed simple or complex calculations for you to make data entry more efficient and effective. Add powerful spreadsheet-like formulas to your fields that update in real-time. We provide built-in functions for ISO 2859 AQL tables and others. 
  • Validations – Don’t miss out or lose significant data in your forms anymore. Set detailed validation rules and determine which fields require data entry before submission to avoid missing data in forms. If a form doesn’t validate, it can’t be submitted - it’s as easy as that.
  • Conditional Formatting – Tired of the monotones look of reports? Define the look of your fields depending on what is entered to make it clearer for the viewer. Emphasize what is important and send strong signals to the viewer
  • Exports – If you want to analyze your data, easily export it from our app’s portal in different formats. We support PDF, Excel, JSON/XML/HTML and zipped photos. 

Data Management and Data Analysis

Store, query, export and archive data in Topo. The app’s portal gives you easy and secure access to uploaded forms through text and metadata search. Our enterprise class data management includes multiple database redundancies and off-site backups.

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User Management

Different users, different access rights – set fine-grained user rights to manage large teams. Forms can be created by one user and then handed off to another and be in control on who can create, view, edit, delete, approve forms or change existing design templates. 

Enterprise Integrations

Topo offers first class integration with your ERP/OMS/MES/PLM systems via various EDI methods. Automate form creation and inject data to maximize inspection efficiency or receive data from Topo. We run a fail-safe messaging system to minimize your effort.

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We highly value security, privacy and overall product quality. Topo is developed using modern state of the art security practices and frameworks. All traffic is SSL/TLS encrypted. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Get in touch to get professional consultation for your business and discover the change Topo will unleash for you.